Tuesday, February 24, 2015

KEEP STANDING UP all you City players, members and supporters KEEP STANDING UP!!!!!!!!

"Mark has had this winning speak in back pocket for three years"
City’s Second Grade side also had an Out-Right win on Saturday. City battered first the first week and scored 144 runs Pat Dwyer score a nice half century finishing with 52 runs with Tom Fitzgerald scoring 31 runs.
The second day of the match was all about two wonderful bowlers for the club in Jake Philp and Glen Ryan. Jake pace and accuracy was scary at times and up the other end Glen was always on the money. In Wests first Innings of 44runs saw Glen pick up a five wicket haul.
The second innings of Wests (55 Runs) mirrored the first with both Jake and Glen again ripping through the Wests batting line up.
This win follows a strong win again Souths the match before and put Second Grade in striking distance of a semi-final berth if good enough next match.
It was so great to see the three old timers in Terry Skewes and David Smith both talking a catch as well as Rodney Pryor getting a run-out for the team.
While manning the boom gate at the Country Music Festival Mark and his team dreamt of the possibility of making the semi-finals.
GOOOOOOOOOOO it's a wonderful reward for Captain Mark Fisher who never stopped believing in his team CITY

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