Tuesday, February 10, 2015

You can't remove the smile from his face.

Our 2nd Grade side has had a very tough season. With a early win at the start of the season against Wests our 2nd Grade side captained by Mark "Pup" Fisher was leading the competition. Since that match the team has struggled to find a win, although on many occasions the boys were not far away.
Injuries, players being unavailable, the inclusion of Terry Skewes and David Smith who the team had to hind in the field didn't assist in the teams results.
But this team has built a great bond and are a very tight knit group of players who always support each other no matter the situation of the match.

Mark and Johnny will be planning the down fall of Wests this weekend. 
Without a doubt, Mark Fisher is the reason the team has such a strong team spirit. Mark has this positive, upbeat, undying enthusiasm and self belief for his team and players, he has held this team together.
On Saturday Mark's team played Souths and all his dreams came true with our 2nd grade team playing the match of their lives. After the win Mark and his players were understandably elated. Most of the team spent a number of hours celebrating at our major sponsor, the Tamworth Golf club.
GOOOOOOOO "You know we are unbeaten in the month of February". Mark told me with pride and a smile CITY

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