Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bullriding is scary stuff.

I was out watching the rodeo last night, when I overheard these two want to be bullriders talking."That new bull nearly did me in, tonight."
"Oh yeah, what happened?" asked the other want to be bullrider.
"I entred the holding yard, then the bull came charging at me like a locomotive from hell. He damn near got me!" he replied.
"So, how'd you get away?" asked the other want to be bullrider.
"The bull kept slipping. He slipped three times, and that gave me a chance to make it to the fence and jump over," he said.
"Mate, that's scary! If it'd been me, I would probably have crapped all over the place," remarked the second want to be bullrider.
He then replied, "I DID! What do you think that bull was slipping in?"
GOOOOOOOOO ride them cowboy CITY

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