Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My two favorite Cricketers who are yours?

The Don and Lillee
Don Bradman's last ever Test innings ends with a duck, bowled second ball by Eric Hollies at the Oval.
Bradman famously needed only four runs in his last innings to finish his career with a Test average in excess of 100 runs. While he failed in that respect, during his career he still amassed 5,028 runs against England in Ashes Tests, including 19 centuries and finished with a Test batting average of 99.94.
Indeed, Bradman’s aura as a sporting icon became so great that respected cricket writer R.C Robertson-Glasgow wrote: “There are no funny stories about the Don. No one ever laughed about Bradman. He was no laughing matter’‘.
One of the strongest Test sides ever seen, Australia's 'Invincibles' regained the Ashes with a thumping 4-0 win. Despite their dominance, the series is best remembered for Don Bradman's final Test innings, a second-ball duck at the Oval.

Dennis Lillee was the most accomplished and consistently hostile fast bowler of his time. At his peak no one was faster.
By his career's conclusion Dennis had claimed a world record 355 Test wickets and had become an Australian sporting legend. There is strong support among senior cricket officials, players and the media for the contention that he was the greatest Australian pace bowler of any era.
Caught Marsh bowled Lillee
Throughout his Australian career Lillee was also famous for his partnership with wicketkeeper Rod Marsh, and the scorecard entry 'c Marsh b Lillee' appeared 95 times in Tests, a partnership record between wicketkeeper and bowler that is yet to be broken. Coincidentally, both players ended their careers with 355 Test dismissals; Marsh took 343 catches and had 12 stumpings

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